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Reiki Infused Sound Therapy Sessions

Reiki Infused Sound Therapy

Sound bowl healing is often practiced in the form of sound baths. A sound bath is a healing ritual using instruments from around the world. The sound waves released by the bowls induce a feeling of deep relaxation and healing. 

Join my friend Michele Boyer and I as we guide you through a meditative experience of sound healing infused with Reiki.  While Michele is playing her set of 7 crystal singing bowls, all tuned to the frequency of the body’s chakras, I’ll be guiding everyone through breath work, progressive relaxation , and channeling healing Reiki energy for everyone in the room!

Michele is a dedicated mother, clinical therapist, transformational life coach, and certified sound healer.  

Sound Therapy Services

Yoga & Reiki Infused Sound Therapy at Port Huron Yoga!

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